The life of a law student on a Friday night.

It’s 10:00 on a Friday night. What am I about to do, you ask? Well, let me give you a quick glimpse into the life of a law student….

I’m getting ready to read for Monday. To make my life a little more exciting, I’m giving myself the option of researching for our first big assignment of the semester, but one or the other is getting done tonight.

I’ll be the first to admit, school regularly dominates my weekends. Knowing our grades are riding on one exam at the end of the semester puts a little fire in my pants to do my work now. It may not be glamorous, but it is well worth it.

Now, considering I DO like to sleep, and have to work in the morning, I better get cracking.

Good night!
~Amber Joy

PS – Tomorrow I’m going to post about the Dominican Republic. Get excited. Here’s a photo to help.

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