After the encouragement of several peers and professors, I’ve decided to begin a new blog. Rather than having a blog solely about an adventure to a foreign land, I’m making this blog all about life. It will contain my thoughts on my passions (God, children, teaching, Latin America, service, justice, human rights, etc.), my life as a law student (three semesters finished, three semesters left!!!), my food allergies (Gluten, Wheat, Tree Nuts), and my hobbies (sewing, photography, and crafts in general).

So to begin, here’s the link to an article I recently had published in the Liberty Legal Journal: http://www.liberty.edu/academics/law/index.cfm?PID=22605&artid=43005.

And here’s a picture of the children I thought about as I wrote it:


Read it and be inspired. It’s essentially my purpose statement of being in law school.

That’s it for now, because, after all, I am a law student… my readings are crying my name!

~Amber Joy

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    • uffda123
    • February 17th, 2012

    Are you going to school overseas?

    • No, I’m in Lynchburg VA (almost like a foreign land). I’ve studied/traveled abroad a lot, and had blogs specifically for those travels. This blog is intended to move past my previous blogging experiences.

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