Getting past hump day.

Wednesdays are always my least favorite days at school. I have class 11:30-5:45, with one of them being two hours of boredom. I always enjoy my time before class begins, because we begin earlier the rest of the week. But once class starts… ugh. Time drags by until FINALLY we’re out of class. As I walked to my car I realized the sky wasn’t completely pitch black yet! That’s encouraging!

I decided to make my day end on a positive note by getting busy in the kitchen. I made corn tortillas from scratch, just like I learned in Guatemala. The taste was almost on point, and the nostalgia was floating in the air (along with the smoke from an empty pan that got too hot). Success #1.

After dinner, reading, and errands, I made ice cream! By the time I got to eat it it was more the consistency of a shake, but delicious none the less. Plus the shaking I had to do to get it was a nice workout. My forearms may or may not be still burning. I’m counting it as success #2.

Success #3 is making it to 7 days of blogging! With a successful evening under my belt, I am most definitely ready to move past this week’s hump day, and conquer Thursday and Friday.

~Amber Joy

PS – It was 70 and sunny today. On February 1st.  This Minnesota girl doesn’t know how to process that except walk around in a  t-shirt.

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