Soap from Soap, finishing touches.

Here’s what I found when I checked out the soap this morning:

Is it liquid or a solid? Or both?

 The consistency was weird. It was neither liquid nor solid, and nothing like soap at that point, so I added a couple more steps.

7)Whip the soap with an electric mixer. Make sure to get all the clumps. Squish them with your hands, if necessary.

After being whipped.

8)Be amazed at what was just created: Liquid soap. It should be a snot-like consistency, which may be disgusting, but that’s when you know you’ve got what you were aiming for.

9)Funnel the soap into container of choice. The snot-like consistency makes this a little tricky.


Ta da! 1 gallon of soap!

What a fun project!

~Amber Joy

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  1. I am glad you took a picture of the weird post-cooling consistency. And I totally agree about the trickiness of funneling 🙂

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