Taking time for a photography adventure

My first year in law school, I still had one foot in the real world. I managed to take time almost every week for what I call a photography adventure. This means I head out in my car with my camera and a bottle of water, looking for photographic opportunities. With my personality, these opportunities have been plotted out for at least a month. The one time I attempted to be spontaneous, I got lost, didn’t have phone service, AND my camera batteries were dead. Therefore, I always plan my adventures.

This year, being my second year, I am much more immersed in school and feel myself slipping away from the real world. I have been itching for another adventure, but haven’t gotten the chance. I’m getting to the point, though, that I may go insane if I don’t take the time to leave my books behind for an afternoon and head out for another photography adventure. As I begin to plot this possible adventure, I reflect on one of my favorite adventures from last spring.

I love to drive out on 221 in Forest VA. I had my eye on one place in particular for about 7 months before I finally got the chance to photograph it. I’ve noticed around here, when something big like a fire, etc. happens to a house, it just sits untouched. There is an abandoned house along 221 that looked like it was straight from the Holocaust. At the time I photographed it, it was sunk about 5 feet, had no corner support on 2 corners, had no windows, doors, or structural integrity, etc. It was amazing. It was eery. And don’t worry, I did not enter the house, just prowled the perimeters. I wish I could have captured all that I experienced, but here are my top five from the adventure. (If you have any desire for prints, re-use, etc. please notify me. Being my photography, I own the rights, and do not want anything reproduced without my permission.)

I hope you enjoyed! Hopefully, I’ll be posting about my latest adventure within the next couple weeks.

~Amber Joy

PS – If you have any genius titles for any of the photos, let me know!

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  1. Just curious but what program or website do you use to put a watermark on your photos?

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