A secret to living a long life – Having OLD grandparents!

Today is my Grandpa Henry’s 98th birthday. 98! 2 years away from being a CENTURY old! Crazy. Grandpa’s age is the only thing about him that let’s you  know he’s close to 100. He had a girlfriend who’s 15 years younger, with whom he goes (polka) dancing, plays cards, eats out, and travels. They most recently went on a cruise to the Caribbean. The only night he doesn’t have plans is Saturday, because he has to go to bed early to get up to be an elder at church. Oh, and he doesn’t drive at night. Otherwise, he still gardens, and lives life like 98 years haven’t gone by. I admire him, that’s for sure! And I am thankful that I have some of those genes!

August 2011

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