Thursday is the new Friday

I love Thursdays. When I get out of class at 1:30, I always feel such a sense of freedom – not because I’m done with class for the week, but because Fridays (and Mondays) are 10 times better than Tuesday through Thursday. On Tuesdays I have class 8-9, 10:45-11:45, 1:15-2:45. Immediately after class I go to work, usually until 6:30. On Wednesdays I have class 11:30-12:30, 1-2, 3:45-5:45. On Thursdays I have class 8-9, 10:45-11:45, 12-1:30, then I go to work 3-5:30. Those long breaks between classes STINK. It’s not enough time to go home, but I hate studying at school. I’m getting used to it, but feel my time gets wasted none the less. My Mondays and Fridays are so much better – I only have class 9:30-10:30, 11-12, and work 3-5:30. No long breaks, enough time in the morning to feel rested, and a break for a real lunch before work. Ahh. Plus, after work is done on Fridays it’s the WEEKEND! Always a good thing.

Have a wonderful Thursday, looking forward to Friday and the weekend!

~Amber Joy

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