Sewing project revealed!

Want to know what I sewed yesterday?

Have you been sitting, hitting refresh ever since you read yesterday’s post?

Here’s what I made:

A purse!

Isn’t it AMAZING?

I’m very proud.

Here’s a close up:

Check out that pleat!

Did you know purses are made up of a bazillion pieces? They are COMPLICATED. But I powered through, and made one all on my own!

This project came from the book One Yard Wonders (

So, if you want the details, go buy the book! It has 101 projects that only need 1 yard of fabric!

I can’t wait to make more!

~Amber Joy

PS – Just for fun:

Tani helping me with the pattern pieces.

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  1. Beautiful purse, I love the fabric you chose. Tani is so lovely (and helpful!), she seems the twin cat of my hairy friend Lottie.

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