Choosing to be happy on a rainy day

Today was a gray, rainy day. I hate rainy days, especially in Lynchburg. For some reason they just feel heavier than they do back home.

Knowing that it was forecasted to stay rainy all day, I decided I was not going to be crabby. Instead, I chose to be happy. All day. Even though it rained.

I started my happy day with a cute outfit that wouldn’t get wet as I walked through the puddles small lakes by the construction at school. That meant my favorite dress, purchased in London, and heels.

School wasn’t anything exceptional, but it wasn’t bad, either. My happy spirit survived.

Work was wonderful. As my boss pointed out on Tuesday, I love being there. I had great students, with one in particular who made my day end well. I was surprised that this student was so great. I had never had him before, but had observed him and heard some stories. Everyone struggled with getting him to even make eye contact, let alone work. While he was at my table, however, he was making up songs and beats about odd numbers, joking around, and nothing like I was mentally prepared for. I love it when students break out of their shell.

After work I spent an hour in the singing birthday cards aisle at the store. I opened almost every single card. Not ashamed.

Now I am in my pajamas, relaxing because I already did my readings for tomorrow yesterday! Wonderful! To add to this pleasant evening, Tani (my cat) just crawled onto my lap and is kneading my legs, purring. Aaaah.

I think I will choose to be happy on every rainy day from now on!

~Amber Joy

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