Something to look forward to.

Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day. I’ve been excited about it all day long. You’ll get the details in tomorrow’s post!

Sunday, according to the forecast, has potential for being wonderful as well! Check this out:


Now this Minnesota girl sees snow in the forecast and thinks this:

That was a 20 inch snow storm back home in 2010. (Photo taken by my dad).

Unfortunately, this Minnesota girl has been displaced to Lynchburg so it’ll probably end up like this:

Just a couple of flakes that don’t stick.

Either way, I’m looking forward to it. Honestly, I really hope it’s the normal non-sticking flurry, because this city goes crazy with more than a dusting! I go grocery shopping on Mondays, and would like some eggs to be left on the shelf!

One final thing I am looking forward to is BED. This week has worn me out and I need a lot of energy for my big day tomorrow!

Good night!

~Amber Joy

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