SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I was in undergrad at Bethel, in St. Paul MN, we had a total of ONE snow day. Since coming to Liberty, in Lynchburg VA, finals have been delayed once, and we have had a snow day — that snow day being today! The funny thing is, since living here we’ve had less than a foot of snow TOTAL. School would probably still go on with that much in one fall in Minnesota. I’m not complaining that Virginian’s are wimps! Another thing that makes this ironic is most of the snow has already melted.  9 inches fell over 36 hours, and only patches remain after 10 hours of sunshine.  Before the snow melted, I got outside and played. After all, I am from Minnesota.

The view from the front porch.

Making tracks.

Yes, I, a 23 year old, built a snowman in my front yard.

It felt so good to be soaked to the skin from playing in the snow. It also felt weird to be 23 and playing in the snow in  my front yard by myself. I got over it, though, and had a good time.

I promise tomorrow I’ll stop focusing on snow for my posts, but I couldn’t focus on anything else today! It was great.

~Amber Joy

PS – I forgot to mention less than three hours after being created, my snowman was dead. As my mom said, he didn’t even get to see the sunset!

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