Being a homemaker… or just really liking making my own food.

If I would spend all of my time in the kitchen, I would. I love making my own food. Today I had fun with two new recipes.

First, I made the easiest coconut chocolate pie ever. Martha Stewart certainly knows her way around the kitchen. It has just four ingredients – coconut, butter, dark chocolate, and heavy cream. Put those together in the right way, following the directions here – and you get this:

Pie that tastes like a mounds bar, but without all the extra sugar. Delish.

After I made my pie, I was left with 8 ounces of heavy cream. Then I remembered this post on 2 little hooligans – – how to make your own butter! So, after 50 minutes of shaking, I got this:

Fresh (except not fresh from the cow) butter! Amazing! I definitely doubted the process around minute 40, but decided to wait until I hit an hour to give up. Minute 50 rolled around and magic happened before my eyes. My arms may or may not be sore.

So much fun! I hope you have some adventures in the kitchen soon.

~Amber Joy

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