Freezer Meals

Whether you’re a student like me, or just have a schedule that necessitates dinner in a pinch, I hope you have already discovered what I am about to share…. Freezer meals are the way to go.

In my freezer at any given time I have at least 15 home-cooked meals for one, plus a few pounds of chicken and beef cut up into serving sizes.

Usually when  I have an unusual amount of time, like on a break or an occasional weekend, I make a big batch of one of my favorite meals. My staples are a few recipes from my Mom and Grandma, plus 2 different kinds of soups (one creamy, one broth). I also like making a big pizza and putting servings sizes in baggies.

Whenever I don’t have time to cook a meal (like I cooked last Saturday) I just grab one of my delicious meals, warm it up, and enjoy.

Most food freezes well. The foods to avoid are raw veggies, eggs (cooked or raw), and condiments. Even milk and other dairy products can be frozen.

For more information just do a simple Google search for freezable foods.

Happy freezing!

~Amber Joy

PS – Speaking of freezing… we had a two hours late start today due to ONE INCH of snow. It didn’t even stick to the streets…

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    • Auntie Be
    • March 5th, 2012

    When you come to Ohio, can you bring some of those frozen meals for your favorite AuntieBe?

    • But then I wouldn’t have any, Auntie Be!

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