My awesome Grandpa Henry

Have I mentioned how amazing my Grandpa Henry is? Here’s a quote from the letter I got from him today.

“I got my driver’s license renewed, so I will be 100 [years old] the next time. Still doing OK driving now, but I am careful.”

Did you catch that? The next time he’ll have to get his driver’s license renewed will be his 100th birthday. And there is now doubt in his mind that that’ll happen. What an incredible man.

He’s also pretty funny… even if he doesn’t try. Here’s another quote.

“May God be with you and watch over you, on your trip to the DR. It maybe is nicer than some of the Islands we visited, [that were] to me just a big rock pile.”

Yes, Grandpa, the islands you visited on your cruise were just big rock piles… Ha!

Alida, Grandpa’s girlfriend,  is also hilarious. She won’t marry Grandpa because she has already outlived two husbands already, and also is meticulous (compared to messy Grandpa). She also goes to a different church than Grandpa because she likes to sleep in until around 10.

Their young spirits give me great encouragement in my young age. If they’ve made it this far, what’s stopping me (unless, of course, Christ comes back)?!?

And now I’ve got to work on an absolutely ridiculous homework assignment… Super fun.

~Amber Joy

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