Today I finished two big projects – a rough draft for a paper worth 80% of my International Human Rights grade and a Discovery project worth about half of my Law Skills IV grade. It feels SO GOOD to have finished both.

To celebrate I went shopping for a dress for the Barristers Banquet. Ready to spend big bucks I found a dress that’s perfect for $15!!! Another big sigh of relief for not spending a lot of money and still getting a classy, formal dress.

On a completely different note, this afternoon my neighbor’s rooster interrupted my work, taking my thoughts straight to the DR. I miss it, but I’m getting back into the routine of every day life.

Also, I realized I forgot to share a link to Rick and Becky’s blog. There you can find stories about their ministry in the Dominican Republic and more specific ways to pray for them.

I hope you had a lovely Wednesday!

~Amber Joy

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