You should have seen my peers after class finished today – we were literally giddy. Why? Because it’s FINALLY FRIDAY! This week wasn’t anything different than the other eight weeks we’ve made it through, except for the fact that it’s the week after spring break. That made it seem like the longest week ever, and we were more than ready for the weekend.

This time last week I was wrapping up my time in the DR. Crazy. Seems like it was ages ago. I wish I were still there… especially because today is Elena’s birthday! A fun ecard had to do…

This evening I was able to share a little bit about my trip with one of classmates and her husband. It was fun to look through the pictures again and share the great things God is laying in my path for the future.

Speaking of the DR… it was really hot in Lynchburg today! It was over 80.  Tomorrow is supposed to be just as hot. I just looked and normal highs are in the low 60’s this time of year. I think I need to get my car’s air conditioning fixed…

I hope you had a restful Friday evening! I’m off to do some reading for school before going to bed – I’ve to work 4 hours tomorrow morning.

~Amber Joy

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