A Visit From Tiffany

The photo uploader has finally cooperated! That means you get to finally experience a bit of my wonderful weekend with my sister, Tiffany.

By the way, the photo was taken in Old City Cemetery. We’re pretty good at self-portraits, as you will see.

One perk to Lynchburg for Tiffany (besides me, of course) is our two J-Crew clearance stores. We have a warehouse here, so the stores are full of good deals and even some sample clothes that were never put on a line.

After visiting J-Crew we made our way out to Polar Forest – Thomas Jefferson’s home away from the White House. Unsure as to whether the admission fee was for just tours or for all visitors we snuck around the grounds a bit.

On Sunday, we went to a great Easter service at my church.

After Easter dinner at my LifeGroup leaders’ house, we hit up Old City Cemetery again. It has the BEST tree swing.

Still in our dresses later in the day, we went to Cook-Out – soooo good, and super cheap.

When we got home, Tani convinced me to share my shake.

We also finally got to dying eggs!

Monday, we spent a lot of time outside on Liberty Mountain.

Tiffany flew in and out of Greensboro, so we made our way down to NC in the afternoon.

Because Minnesota has a lot of World’s Largest landmarks, we managed to find one in High Point, NC – the world’s largest Chest of Drawers!

Apparently High Point is the furniture capital of the world… and they really like chests of drawers. We visited a second one that is 80 feet tall, but less impressive since it’s part of a building.

We also took the time to try out some furniture before we made our break when a salesman starting coming towards us.

Both Tani and I were really sad to see Tiffany go. It was such a fun weekend and so good to be together for a few days!

I love you, Tiffany! Thanks for being the BEST sister ever.

~Amber Joy

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