You know what I love?

You know what I love?

Thinking of a meal to make, then going in my kitchen, making it, and having it turn out exactly how I imagined it would.

Today I got off work at 6:30, so I needed something fast which meant looking to the freezer. I didn’t want anything in there, though… But then I realized I was wanting some magic combination of ground beef, potato, and peas and carrots.

What do I have that meets that bill…. aha!

Potato soup (homemade of course)!

I can just cook up some beef and peas and carrots, and add it to the soup and whala! It’d be like Shepard’s pie in the soup form.

Once home, I defrosted the meat, cooked it up, added the veg, then added the defrosted soup and it turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it to. The taste and feel and my mouth were exactly what I was hoping for.

Ah, so great!

~Amber Joy

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