Last day.

Today was the last day of classes of my 2L year. Unbelievable.

It was also my last day of freedom for the next two weeks, as finals are looming and my brain is about to be bogged down.

To celebrate this last, I spent time in the sun at Old City Cemetery and along the James River downtown. (My freckles on my nose are finally making their appearance).

Here are some photos from my day! (If you have any desire for prints, re-use, etc. please notify me. Being my photography, I own the rights, and do not want anything reproduced without my permission.)

The tree with the best swing ever.

Look how tall! Seriously - it is the BEST swing.


I LOVE this place.

The James River.

Crossing from Percival's Island.

It was a great last day.

Now to get some sleep, then the work begins…

Goodnight! See you in two weeks!

~Amber Joy

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