They grow up so fast…

This time last year I was settling into my house (that I rent). This meant I could FINALLY get a cat.

This is Tani one year ago:

She was a tiny little cat – scared but dying for some love. She had been dropped off at the humane society with a batch of kittens, so not only was she dealing with being abandoned she also had to deal with having her babies weaned and being separated from them. She also had an upper respiratory infection and had to get fixed so she could be adopted, so she was really put through the ringer in the matter of weeks.

This is Tani one happy year later:

She’s at a healthy 7 pounds – a perfect weight for her frame. When I adopted her she was just under 6. She meows ALL THE TIME, and she LOVES to eat. I call her a proximity cat – she hates to snuggle, but likes to be near. In this picture she’s vying for my attention by the kitchen. She’s not allowed in, so she stays at the frame showing off as I cook/eat.

I am so glad for having a cat of my own – Happy gotcha day, Tani!

Somewhat related, a year ago I saw a few baby fawns run through my backyard. I didn’t get a photo then, but just last week I looked out my window to see this:

I LOVE the fact that there are deer near my house, and am so happy to have finally captured two of them! They just grow up so fast!

~Amber Joy

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