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Finals, Spring 2012

Here’s how I survived Finals, Spring 2012 (If you have any desire for prints, re-use, etc. please notify me. Being my photography, I own the rights, and do not want anything reproduced without my permission.):

Tani quickly realized I was going to spend 90% of my awake time at my desk, ignoring her, so she survived by spending a lot of time snoring on my lap as I studied. When she wasn’t on my lap, she was on a decoy paper I had on my bed (as in a sheet of paper I WASN’T using for studying).

Speaking of Tani, I had dreamed up a project that would prevent her from sitting on my alarm clock, changing the volume, etc. I wasn’t going to actually complete it during finals time, but I was antsy one day, and got ‘er done.

One of the evenings when I was simply sick of studying I took a quick break to head over to Old City Cemetery, in hopes there would be raindrops of roses, since it had just showered. I was in luck.

This wasn’t my only trip to Old City Cemetery – another day I went in hopes of swinging. Again, I was in luck!

When the two weeks of torture were finally OVER my roommate and I treated ourselves to pedicures.

The sunset tonight wrapped up these past two weeks in a beautiful way.

I am so glad finals are DONE and I am free for the summer.

Now I’m off to catch a late movie at the dollar theater!

~Amber Joy


Last day.

Today was the last day of classes of my 2L year. Unbelievable.

It was also my last day of freedom for the next two weeks, as finals are looming and my brain is about to be bogged down.

To celebrate this last, I spent time in the sun at Old City Cemetery and along the James River downtown. (My freckles on my nose are finally making their appearance).

Here are some photos from my day! (If you have any desire for prints, re-use, etc. please notify me. Being my photography, I own the rights, and do not want anything reproduced without my permission.)

The tree with the best swing ever.

Look how tall! Seriously - it is the BEST swing.


I LOVE this place.

The James River.

Crossing from Percival's Island.

It was a great last day.

Now to get some sleep, then the work begins…

Goodnight! See you in two weeks!

~Amber Joy

Sorry for the Absence…

I just realized I haven’t posted in a while! My brain has been worn out, so I guess my blog just floated off into space with the rest of me… To make up for it, I’m going to make this a conglomeration post – some recipes, some photos, some thoughts on life.

If you’re on Pinterest (which you should be), you’ve probably seen the pins for Overnight Oats. I saw this, thought it was a good idea, but didn’t repin because I’ve done this on my own before, just with a twist! A much EASIER way to do this in the MORNING is using quick cook oats. When you get up, simply mix in your yogurt of choice with your oats, let it sit in the fridge as you get ready for the day, then add fruit and enjoy! Another plus is it’s not to soggy, since it has only been sitting for a few minutes.

Another recipe idea I saw (and pinned) on Pinterest was 50 Healthy Gluten-free Snack Ideas from With Style and Grace. I snack A LOT, and can always use some new ideas. I usually defer to a couple of tablespoons of peanuts or some toast. So, seeing this link, I got excited for the possibilities!

Lynchburg has been in full bloom for a while, but here are some photos from my front yard (If you have any desire for prints, re-use, etc. please notify me. Being my photography, I own the rights, and do not want anything reproduced without my permission.):

I love spring, but my body hates pollen, so I spend more time inside than outside. With my schedule, this is not difficult… Finals are one month away, which is SCARY. I’m not near ready for that time to come – 100% of my grade riding on one test per class is stressful. So, rather than dwelling on the inevitable, I’m busy with things outside of law school, when I’m not reading, of course.

I’ve been working 12-15 hours per week, most of which is enjoyable. Last Friday, however, I had a really strange hour. I had two high school boys the same age – one at a higher intelligence level than myself, and the other barely able to read a second grade level. It’s perplexing to experience both the high and the low at the same time. It’s also hard to keep the high one from laughing at the simplicity of the low one’s work, and the low one being discouraged by the material of the high one. It was challenging, to say the least.

I’ve also been teaching Sunday School, as usual. Those kids can be CRAZY. They can also be extremely discerning, but that’s once in a blue moon. I love teaching them, no matter their mood, although I prefer not to shout. This coming Sunday we’re going to write to the kids I worked with in the Dominican Republic. It’ll be fun.

I should probably go get ready for the day… I love Wednesdays because it’s the one day I don’t have class until 11:45!

Have a good hump day!

~Amber Joy

Old City Cemetery

Old City Cemetery is one of my favorite places in Lynchburg. Not only does it date back to the civil war era, it is full of beautiful flowers, trees, and gardens. This afternoon it was sunny and 65, so I wandered over to snap a few photos. Enjoy! (If you have any desire for prints, re-use, etc. please notify me. Being my photography, I own the rights, and do not want anything reproduced without my permission.)

Star Magnolia

I just love how fuzzy the pods are.

Saucer Magnolia


I have no idea what kind of flowers are in the following photos – if you know, let me know!

Oh, hey there photo bombing bee!

I am so excited for more wonderful flowers to come. Old City Cemetery makes this easy with their cycle of bloom.

Have a relaxing day!

~Amber Joy

Being a homemaker continued… or I really like sewing my own stuff.

I have sewn quilts, blankets, and my amazing purse, but I have never sewn clothes… Until today. I sewed my very first skirt!

Unfortunately, I really just made it up as I went, because I had the wrong kind of elastic for this tutorial – – and not enough fabric according to any of the tutorials. Therefore, I didn’t take any pictures, because I was focusing on not wasting my $15 of fabric. Yes, I splurged on fabric. I wanted a loud, but not crazy, print. I wanted bright colors, but nothing outside my color palette or comfort zone.

So, here’s the finished product:

Fortunately, I can retell my steps for those of you dying to recreate this project.

1) Get fabric of choice, preferably polyester or rayon. These fabrics don’t wrinkle like cotton, but are still washable. You’ll need 1 1/2 to 2 yards. Basically whatever wraps around your waist one and a half times. I made a high-waisted skirt so I just need 1 1/2. Also get elastic. I used 3/4 inch.

2) Keep fabric folded in half, like it is on the bolt. Cut 2 strips (since you have it folded in half, just make one cut) that will be two times wider than your elastic once sewn together.

3) Place the right sides together of the 2 strips and sew along both long edges. Turn right side out.

4) Measure your elastic by stretching it around where you would prefer the waist to be. Add one inch and cut.

4) Using a safety-pin, thread your elastic through the waistband, making sure to hang on the both ends otherwise you’ll waste a lot of time fishing it out. Sew each end of the elastic to the waistband, making sure to go over at least three times to secure it.

5) Turn the skirt body so the right sides are together. Sew the long edge (opposite the fold), and turn right side out.

6) Here comes the fun part…. Sew the sewn long edge of the skirt body to the waistband. The elastic will make it be scrunchy, but stretch it out to ensure the fabric lines up. It’ll work, I promise.

7) Turn the fabric right side in, and sew the remaining seam.

8) Put on and admire your handiwork!

The beauty of this project is there is not a hem. It makes for a great introduction to sewing my own apparel.

I’m considering tacking some pleats along the waistband, so it’ll lay exactly right each time I put it on.

I can’t wait to wear it! It’ll most likely make its debut in the Dominican Republic — my trip is just TWO WEEKS AWAY!

~Amber Joy

Dream projects

After sewing my purse, I’ve been dreaming of all the different projects I could do. If only I had the time and money…

Here’s my list of dream projects that may or may not get sewn before the end of the summer:

DIY Shift Dress from Martha Stewart (

Day after Day dress from the Sew Weekly (

In addition to these, I have the book One Yard Wonders with 100 projects I have not yet done. If only I wasn’t in Law School!!! I’m going to try to get one of these looks done before going to the Dominican Republic. We will see.

~Amber Joy

A forecast BETTER than anticipated!

SNOW!!!! I’m so giddy, it’s a little ridiculous. I just keep peaking out my window and smiling.

There is about 3 inches on the ground, with 2-4 more to come.

I love driving when snow is coming down, especially because the big flakes smash against the windshield.

This afternoon I put on my boots, and captured the beauty around my house.

There’s already a lot more than when I took this pictures.

I really feel like listening to Christmas music, now, unlike this past December.

I’m going to refrain myself, except for this one song:

Knowing Lynchburg, there’s a high possibility school will be called off tomorrow. We will see!

I hope you had a blessed Sunday and a restful weekend!

~Amber Joy