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Dealing with an uncooperative student.

At Sylvan, we get a lot of students who are being forced to come by their parents or grandparents. Almost none of them initially want to or enjoy coming to Sylvan.

As an instructor, what is there to do when you get a student who just doesn’t seem willing to cooperate?

I have one simple trick up my sleeve – GET TO KNOW THE STUDENT. Seems to easy, right? It often is. If they don’t have any motivation in their work, give them a reason to be motivated by PERSONALLY CARING ABOUT THEM. This applies to students in all environments — not just Sylvan. It’s actually what got me through my student teaching when I had three classes of 36 fifth graders.

Once you move past the required material, and start showing how much you care about them, they’ll open right up. Plus, it’s always fun to have something more than study skills to talk about.

I hope you had a happy Monday!

~Amber Joy