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A Surprise Worth Anticipating

You know how yesterday was my roommate and her sister’s birthday? Well, today we threw a surprise birthday party for them. It was PERFECT. A bunch of us crowded into our little house and had a blast surprising Megan and Mandy.

Jeremy, Mandy’s husband, was in cahoots, and got the girls to the house without them even having a clue. He took them out to dinner, then stalled at various places until we had told him to arrive. He even made Megan chase the car around the parking lot, taking off right when she was reaching for the door. The girls were shocked to come into a dark house filled and have a bunch of friends pop out yelling “SURPRISE!”

I had the hardest job of convincing Megan that even though her friends didn’t hang out with her on her actual birthday, she was still loved and shouldn’t be lonely. To make her feel better we “planned” on watching one of the movies I gave her when she got home from dinner. I got her really looking forward to it, so the surprise was even more sweet.

It was a great evening of fellowship and so fun to actually pull off a great surprise.


~Amber Joy