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A Delicious Afternoon in the Kitchen

This afternoon I decided to spend some good quality time in the kitchen with my good friend, Renee (she’s a sophomore at Liberty, and we’re from the same home town/church).

We both had browning bananas, which made our search for recipes narrow, keeping in mind I’m gluten free. We were considering banana bread until we checked out my pins on Pinterest and saw this:

FLUFFY Banana Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes, Gluten Free, from Gluten Free Canteen.

That picture left us with no questions – this was the recipe we were going to make. One problem, though, all the measurements were weights, not amounts, so I estimated and prayed it would still turn out. The recipe calls for 300 grams of gluten free flour – I rounded this to 2 cups of Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose GF Flour. We also put in less sugar than the recipe calls for, and skipped the Godiva Liqueur (because who on earth has that on hand?!?) and frosting. Also, note that the directions leave out the part of mixing in the flour – do this after the butter, before the bananas.

Here are photo’s of the process, thanks to Renee’s phone:

Ready to go in the oven!

Are they done? Not yet, but looking good.

Out of the oven and smelling AMAZING.

2 dozen BCC cupcakes - get in our tummies NOW.

The real question, however, was were the cupcakes actually fluffy? This had to wait until after dinner – the second part of our delicious afternoon.

I had been craving cheese and really wanted a good homecooked meal, so I concluded Mac and Cheese was the best option. We made my mom’s recipe, so you’ll have to ask her if you want the details. All I’m going to say is I never knew cheese and noodles could make two girls so happy.

Just look at that meal! So good.

After we polished off a good amount of the mac and cheese, we finally got to devour the cupcakes. Renee, being a normal eater, loved them just as much as I did. They were indeed fluffy, and so delicious we were both ready for a second one before even finishing our first.

Our tummies are satisfied, although another cupcake would be good right now…. Self control, Amber, self control.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

~Amber Joy